A simple solution

I've been too pissed and angry to blog for a while, but I've come up with a simple solution. Congress needs to pass legislation to create two programs:
1. Group of people that believe in socialism and that the government is the answer to problems.
2. Group of people that believe in limited government. This would include defense and basic infrastructure. And that's about it.

Group 1 would be all the McCain and Obama supporters that have a love affair with big government and letting gov't solve all problems because we are helpless. Group 2 would be the 5% who's left (including me).

Let the government tax #1 at 90% or whatever they want to provide the plethora of banking, health, auto manufacturing, automated toilets, and other services that the socialists want.

Let the government tax #2 at 10% or whatever it takes to defend the country. This group would pay for their own education, health care, road usage, park usage, etc.

Of course, this wouldn't work - most people would opt for group 1, and gov't waste, corruption, and inefficiency would kill the economy forever. But at least I wouldn't feel like I was getting screwed on a daily basis.


Matt said...

have you gotten your LP membership card yet?

Angela said...

You are SO right in your thinking.

I'm also tired of people that have no idea what they are voting for when they go into vote.

There are so many uneducated people out there that don't even understand the issues they are voting for!