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Two down, five to go

I have a goal of hitting all the major mountains in the Snoqualmie River Valley by the end of the year: Mount Washington, Mount Teneriffe, Mailbox Peak, Mount Defiance, Granite Mountain, Silver Peak, and capping it off with Snoqualmie Mountain (ouch). I did Mount Si, Bandera Mountain, and McClellan Butte last year, hence the seven and not the full ten.

I hit Mount Washington in the snow a month ago to kick off the season, and I failed to complete Teneriffe last week (I had done Rattlesnake Mountain the day before, and I am just not in good enough shape yet to tackle back-to-back hikes).

Today, I completed Mailbox Peak, by far my most challenging hike yet. Doing so gives me confidence to hit Teneriffe next week when the new trail is complete (will be just as steep as Mailbox), and pretty much leaves me in a state where I can take on the other mountains in prep for a hike up Snoqualmie Mountain which is a killer.

The weather did not cooperate today, which means no good views (thus no pics) of Rainier, Baker, etc. That's not surprising, as the "two months of perfect weather" doesn't start until mid-July. Still, tough killing myself 4000 feet up and nothing but cloud vapor to stare at.

Looking forward to the rest of the season.


Spencer and I atop Little Si

Spencer and I did a little bonding this morning and took on Little Si, a 5 mile roundtrip hike that takes you 1000 feet up to views of Snoqualmie Valley. Spencer was able to do it in less than 90 minutes, which I thought was pretty good. We hit the trail early, hung out at the top for a while, did some caching, and were home by 11am. He said he'd do it again, so despite his blisters he must have had a good time hanging out with his ol' man.

Spencer found a hiking stick right away and proceeded to show me how Yoda walks with it.


Mount Si redux

On my first trek up Mount Si I was rewarded with clouds, clouds, clouds. I wanted to hit it again this year when I could enjoy the views, and today was the day. All the details here.

Apparently a mountain lion was up here Thursday. Better get to REI and pick up that knife I've been talking about.


Many firsts taking on Bandera Mountain

I got up early this morning and headed out to my first hike ever along the north ridge of the South Fork of the Snoqualmie River. Bandera Mountain (5150 ft up) was beckoning, and I choose it to cut my teeth in this area. Outstanding hike (pics here, and turns out it was my first time...

  • seeing Seattle from the Cascade Mountains

  • seeing Mount Adams from the Cascades

  • seeing a black bear while hiking

Sadly, it was definitely not the first time I've forgotten my NW Forest Pass, my insect repellent (boy did I pay for that today), or my hiking poles.

Spotting the black bear was cool. I was on a boulder scramble near the summit, happened to be looking toward the east into a meadow (if you call a huge patch of grass and rocks that's on a 45 degree slope a meadow), and just happened to catch it. It was about 250 feet away, and it held still while I snapped a picture. After that it took off into the woods away from me. Way cool.

Met a very nice couple from Maple Valley there, and they took a picture of me at the summit.

Nice beaver!

The bear. You can get higher res pics here

Not sure why, I just think that it being ok to have a campfire at 3995 feet but not 4005 feet is funny.

Some pics from Mt Catherine

It was a nice day Saturday, so we decided on a quick hike - Mt Catherine located in Snoqualmie Pass. The sun angle played havoc with me, so not all the pictures turned out, but did manage to capture a couple good ones.

Silver Peak in the background

Mount Rainier

Tried to get Rainier in the background on this one but came up short


First time I've ever sucked a Camelbak dry

No, I'm not talking about that band from Saudi Arabia. I actually ran out of water today (stored in my Camelbak) on my hike up McClellan Butte.


Hiking Tiger Mountain

Decided on taking on Tiger Mountain this afternoon, and everyone was up to the challenge. We took the 3 mile, 2000 foot elevation gain summit in a scant 2 hours and 15 minutes (very good for Spencer). Too much haze around Seattle to get good views of the city or the Olympics, but we could see Mount Rainier and Snoqualmie Valley just fine.

We saw many a hang-glider.

Enjoying some berries at the Summit

Spencer and Garrett taking on the trail before it gets too steep.

Mount Rainier


Father's Day Hike 2008

We went with our neighbor's family yesterday on our annual Family Father's Day Hike, or Father's Day Family Hike, or whatever. We chose the Middle Fork Snoqualmie River trail as our destination this year, which turned out being an excellent family-friendly hike on the first nice day in June (we've been having 40-50 degree weather with rain for the first two weeks of June). We had a good time with all, nobody got hurt, and enjoyed a nice leisurely lunch by one of the many streams a couple miles into the trail.

The kids decided to climb on my car before heading out.


A fun day hiking in the Cascades

Amy was out of town this weekend, so after a hearty Burger King breakfast at the boys' request we headed into the Cascades to find some areas we haven't been to yet. Spencer hadn't hiked up to the John Wayne Trail, so we went on a quick excursion there. The day was cloudy, damp, rainy at times, and fairly cold (about 40 degrees once you get up a ways). I tried to get some good pictures but the lack of light played havoc on me.

Later we took a forest road that we hadn't been on before and saw a couple new views and did some walking. And got the truck caked with mud. The kids love off roading :)

The gallery is here

Spencer under a rock formation we found. Looks like a good place for rock climbing, I will be back!

The boys found some rocks to rest on.

A view of the Cascades to the east, with the clouds down below and the snow line on the mountains.

Spencer at outpost number two.

Garrett enjoying the views.


A hike, some football, and a woodshed

Today was an unusually warm and sunny fall day in Snoqualmie Valley, so we took the opportunity to take a quick hike and explore an area of Tiger Mountain we hadn't explored before. We found a cache, and Spencer and Garrett found sticks which they immediately turned into mock guns to chase bad guys in the forest.

We got done with that hike by late morning and made it home to see Purdue getting taken behind the woodshed by Michigan. I'm convinced the women's basketball team would have made it a closer game than this group of wussbags. We have firmly cemented ourselves as the laughingstock of the Big Ten and we haven't beaten a ranked team since 2003. That was against #10 Iowa and Purdue has lost 14 straight against ranked opponents and can't even put up a decent effort against unranked Michigan.

But all wasn't lost, with that pathetic display it motivated me to get outside and play with the boys, where I fine tuned my new camera for sport shots, which turned out pretty well.


Some hiking pics

We've been busy hiking the past couple of weeks, including hikes to the Mount Washington Owl Hike Spot, down to the bottom of Snoqualmie Falls, and to the top of Cedar Butte. Some pics (didn't have my camera on the Snoqualmie Falls hike, but man that was amazing to see that much water rushing down the falls... did you know Snoqualmie Falls is taller than Niagara Falls?) of our adventures are below.

This is Jack and Spencer. Goofing off simply because I asked them to hold still and pose. Kids.

Along the way to Mount Washington Owl Hike Spot there was a nice cave to rock scramble up into.

Garrett was able to rock scramble up into the cave, much to my surprise.


A little trek up Little Si

Our first hike of the Snoqualmie hiking season was Little Si, Mount Si's little brother. Not a lot to talk about (I cover some of it here). But we took over 100 pictures.