All students face the flag

Tonight was Spencer's first Belt Test experience at Tae Kwon Do. The result? He broke a board with his palm and got his yellow belt after three months of class! He's very proud of it and he's well on his way to a red belt (his goal since red is his favorite color). Now that I think of it, what a great marketing scheme by the martial arts community =)


So, what do I do at Amazon?

I'm the Program Manager for an offering called "Instant Websites". Another blog picked up on what we are doing (I won't comment on it publicly): Amazon IWS. Granted, I never considered what I am doing "clandestine," but its interesting to see how quickly things can get picked up and the response it generates.


Time for some pictures

Ok, Juergen, these are for you :-)

Been a while since I've posted, so some updated pics for everyone...

Everyone had Sox fever!

As usual Spencer had more fun handing out candy than he did going out. He did make it to eight houses this year, about four times his record.

Caught a peek of the new XBOX 360

All I can say is WOW-FRICKIN-WOW, whatever that means.

Was in a GameStop in Issaquah last night, and they had an Xbox 360 up and running with someone playing Call of Duty 2. Unbelievable graphics, although the gameplay looked a little suspect. I imagine like with all consoles it will take a little time to get the feel "right" (granted Halo was an exception with the original XBox).

My previous stance with the 360 was to wait until the price drops next Christmas and pick one up. Now I'm not so sure =)