You can put it on the boarrrrrrd, YES!

Amy's folks are in town and we caught a game at Safeco Field Friday night. Very nice ballpark - we sat in the "Family Friendly No Alcohol" section way out in the outfield. While we caught a good game, I don't think Spencer got into the game as much as he might have if he was closer. But he did enjoy the playground as noted in the pictures.

And of course a great ending watching the Good Guys win it in 12 innings.


Garrett is crawling

Could hardly believe my eyes tonight as I watched Garrett motor around the living room on his knees. The last couple of days he's perfected this cool move where he goes from laying on his stomach to sitting up by tucking a leg under himself and "flipping" himself upright. He does it with such speed and smoothness it would make Barishnakov proud.

Now he's crawling at almost 7 months. Now if I can only get him to say "da da"...


Is there really nothing to report?

Wow, only three months in Seattle and already I've fallen into my same ol' boring lifestyle of "nothing new going on in my life." Sheesh. I guess I'll chalk it up to getting settled in. And I'm not even reading or listening to AudioBooks like I once did. Guess I'm enjoying the scenery and the weather too much =)

Yesterday was Amy's Birthday. Had a nice day getting the "boys" pictures taken (I will scan and post later). Even tried a new restaurant in town; nothing to write home about although it was the first time I remember Spencer actually trying new food. It was a Teriyaki restaurant and he loved it.

I think we are done unpacking. Still have a few rooms to clean up and get settled, but the unpacking is done. Given that the house is only two years old there isn't any work to be done on it.

A few more weeks and football will be here. Both our next door neighbors are Notre Dame fans, as are a few other neighbors. Will make it enjoyable when Purdue opens up a can of whoop-ass on 'em in a couple of months =)


A while between posts

Finally getting some time to update my blog... sheesh, what a busy summer so far!

Today marks one month in our house. Wow. Lots done, but lots more to go. Hardly seems like we've been here a week.

We were lucky to have my folks and my sister come out last week and be here last weekend. They helped us (ok, Amy) around the house get things set up, cleaned up, unpacked, put together, etc. Really enjoyed seeing everyone again, and Spencer liked seeing everyone as well. And somehow Spencer wrangled an expensive toy from Grandma and Grandpa again.

On top of that, my uncle and his wife visited us from Spokane. And one of my colleagues from Whirlpool who moved out here stopped by as well. Great opportunity to fire up the new tri-burner, 45,000 BTU grill. Despite some burnt corn (Spencer called it "Purdue corn" because it was black and yellow), things turned out ok. Really enjoyed having everyone out here for the day.

Work is very busy. Not that I didn't expect it, but probably makes it that much tougher trying to get adjusted to a new town and a new house. Amy's already calling herself an "Amazon widow" which is probably not a good sign. I did order a leisure novel from Amazon so maybe I can find an excuse to get away from work a little.

Garrett is starting to prop himself up on his knees and rock. Not backward crawling yet, but that won't be long. He must be growing pretty fast as he's been getting up pretty early.

The Blue Angels are in town this weekend. Probably won't get a chance to see them, but they come to Seattle every year. We saw them a couple years ago in Muskegon, Michigan, and they were great.