Garrett's first steps

Well, second steps, actually. Took a few steps earlier this evening, and Amy just caught him a few minutes ago taking another stab.

Will trying linking to the movie; if this doesn't work please let me know (through the comments section or email).

Try clicking here.


Some more pictures

Sure sign I spend too much time on the XBox...

Some views of Mount Rainier in the morning...

I really like this picture. Really epitomizes the area where we live... no matter where we go, what the weather, or time of day, there is always an amazing view of the mountains.

Some Christmas pictures

Some miscellaneous pictures from Sunday.

Christmas gets better and better

This year was Garrett's first Christmas, and while he doesn't quite understand what's going on (other than his brother goes a little crazy), it is loads of fun having a new addition to the family on Christmas Day. Fortunately for Amy and I Spencer didn't pull us out of bed until 9am; of course, that was due to him being up until 2am trying to stay up all night.

Garrett got his first taste of Weebles getting a few sets from a few different people including Santa Claus. When I was a kid, Weebles were little egg-looking things with stickers wrapped around... pull off the stickers and you would mistake them for hard-boiled eggs. Nowadays they have different shapes and forms, made out of plastic.

Spencer is into Robots, the movie, now, and got a bunch of stuff around that. He also added to his VSmile collection with an Art Studio (very cool toy that plugs into the VSmile and allows you to doodle on a doodle with the imagery showing up on the TV) and the VSmile pocket so he can take his games on the road. Good to see him enjoy VSmile still... keeps him off my XBox =)

Amy got me a way cool double-layered, reversible, waterproof, all-weather jacket. Typical Seattle/Northwest gear, and badly needed given my current jacket portfolio.

I got Amy an iRobot Roomba. Works better than I hadanticipated and glad I got it. It even has a programmable interface which I am going to try to use to map out our house and feed back into the Roomba to schedule cleanings. Will see how it goes.

The best part of the season was trying to get the boys to pick something out for mom. Took Spencer a little while to get into the mood but once he did he did a pretty good job.

No snow here... in fact it was about 50 degrees yesterday.

Looking forward to the new year, where I have a host of resolutions to get kicked off including blogging more!


Merry Christmas!

Need I say more? I hope not. =)


Putting a public face on our product

Amazon Instant Website - the clean wrapper around the chaotic world in which I work.

Nice to see the program I own develop and grow. Sometimes it seems slow and even downright painful, but each of these little steps (and successes of our merchant customers) brings a smile to my face and reinforce how huge the opportunity is in front of me.


More Gift Sites...

Importu - unique imported gifts
China Mist - unique teas and coffees
Nvie Designs
Wonderful BuysHodge Podge of this


Gifts for Guys

Some small business sites, powered by Amazon, that might have some unique gifts this holiday season:

RV Part
Sife Athletics
Altivo Timepieces
Mister Watch
The Foursome Clothing
Tool Nut
SK Hand Tools


If you're going to rob a bank...

why would you do it by phone? And more importantly, why would you do it with YOUR phone?

Not so bright


If you don't like Notre Dame...

and what law abiding citizen does like ND, then you'll like this nice article about Notre Dame getting an automatic BCS bid. Hilarious.


Some more pictures

Apparently not a lot of areas of Seattle got snow, let alone a couple of inches. Spencer went sledding for the first time (down a hill, anyway), and we got to build a snowman.


Snow in Snoqualmie

Got a couple of inches of snow today here in Snoqualmie. Not a big deal except I was looking forward to a winter of no snow (as I've been told by the locals, anyway).

A week since Thanksgiving...

and I'm finally getting around to blog about it. Flew with the family to Chicago and spent the next week driving around the midwest. It was nice to see Amy's friends (since I don't have any friends), spend too much time working, drive through lake effect snow, and watch the Lions embarass themselves on turkey day. I call it "tradition" =)

Seriously, it was great to see everyone, great to drive through Chicago, great to see snow, great to catch a Lions game, and great to have TWO turkey dinners (BOO YA!).

Some pictures...

Garrett was excellent on the plane.

Spencer was thrilled to play in snow.