Christmas gets better and better

This year was Garrett's first Christmas, and while he doesn't quite understand what's going on (other than his brother goes a little crazy), it is loads of fun having a new addition to the family on Christmas Day. Fortunately for Amy and I Spencer didn't pull us out of bed until 9am; of course, that was due to him being up until 2am trying to stay up all night.

Garrett got his first taste of Weebles getting a few sets from a few different people including Santa Claus. When I was a kid, Weebles were little egg-looking things with stickers wrapped around... pull off the stickers and you would mistake them for hard-boiled eggs. Nowadays they have different shapes and forms, made out of plastic.

Spencer is into Robots, the movie, now, and got a bunch of stuff around that. He also added to his VSmile collection with an Art Studio (very cool toy that plugs into the VSmile and allows you to doodle on a doodle with the imagery showing up on the TV) and the VSmile pocket so he can take his games on the road. Good to see him enjoy VSmile still... keeps him off my XBox =)

Amy got me a way cool double-layered, reversible, waterproof, all-weather jacket. Typical Seattle/Northwest gear, and badly needed given my current jacket portfolio.

I got Amy an iRobot Roomba. Works better than I hadanticipated and glad I got it. It even has a programmable interface which I am going to try to use to map out our house and feed back into the Roomba to schedule cleanings. Will see how it goes.

The best part of the season was trying to get the boys to pick something out for mom. Took Spencer a little while to get into the mood but once he did he did a pretty good job.

No snow here... in fact it was about 50 degrees yesterday.

Looking forward to the new year, where I have a host of resolutions to get kicked off including blogging more!

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Jay Heuer said...

HI James, looking at your book list... suggest to add Winning by the man himself, GE's very own Jack Welch... fantastic book, I know you will enjoy it!