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Another Obama National Anthem Video

Maybe I'm just immature, but I always findthese funny. this one is done especially well (the song is old, the video content is new).


Quote of the day

I had been looking forward to the UW-ND game for the past year. I always tune in to root against the Irish, and the chance to root against them in person just made me drool.

My bubble was burst not even halfway through the first quarter as the Huskies found themselves down 14-0 and things looked worse than that. They mustered 38 yards of offense in the first half (my friend won the bet... I put the over/under line at 40 yards and he wisely took the under). Early in the fourth quarter, the UW offensive Juggernaught had musterd 20 yards rushing and 21 yards passing. To which the dude behind me says...

"At least they have a balanced offense."

Maybe you had to be there, or perhaps have several cocktails working their way through your bloodstream, but damn it was funny.

Oh well, I got to make fun of Charlie Weis from the cheap seats.

My best line of the day to a Seattle native (who had just told me "they're not married, they're cousins"): "I know they're cousins, but they're from Indiana, which means they COULD be married."

Misc random pics

No rhyme or reason to these... just my periodic pic post.

Spencer with the moves.

A herd of elk on meadowbrook farm, with mt si in the background.

The boys at NW Brickcon 2008

The boys at Seattle Center.

Garrett showing Spencer his preschool room.

Thankful they chose to read and not some weapon-based fighting activity.

The most fascinating thing on one of our recent hikes was a huge slab of concrete near the trailhead. Spent countless minutes investigating what the hell this was.


Obama makes appeals to his base

Concerned that John McCain's support for big government, deep-reaching social programs, and spending money it doesn't have was whittling away at his core, Presidential candidate Barack Obama has spent the last few weeks strengthening his base, giving CNN the approval to report on his connection with terrorist William Ayers and leaking information that the Obama campaign is funding ACORN to get out the vote.

According to the Obama campaign, "we realized voters are being drawn to John McCain's leftist philosophy, message of big brother government, and ignoring the American people. We needed to shore up our base and remind Americans that Obama is a more radical liberal than John McCain."

The tactic seems to be working, with Obama holding a five point lead in national polls, a lead that was up to 8 points a couple weeks ago before kicking off Operation Obamunism.

"I was a little concerned that the rhetoric earlier this year about Obama and William Ayers was just that, rhetoric, and that Obama was a one-trick pony whose only radical friend was Reverend God-Damn-America Wright. But when I heard on CNN that Ayers helped Obama launch his political career and they've worked together in the past, I was relieved. Most definitely this is change I can believe in."

"Indeed, the news from the Communist News Network about William Ayers gives me hope. Perhaps Obama will offer Ayers a cabinet position, hopefully in Homeland Security."

Others, however, are playing a wait-and-see attitude. "Oh sure, Obama may make grand claims that we can't have SUVs or keep our homes at a comfortable temperature, but has he ever pushed such socialist programs through? Or even proposed one? Nope. At least John McCain passed McCain-Feingold and other laws putting restrictions on the Bill of Rights."

"Some people are making a big deal of Obama's roots in ACORN and hiring ACORN to generate bogus registrations. But people, let's not be fooled - those are registrations, not votes. Until Obama can prove he can generate bogus votes and steal this election, I will remain skeptical. In fact, I'm leaning to casting a write-in vote for William Ayers."

A simple solution

I've been too pissed and angry to blog for a while, but I've come up with a simple solution. Congress needs to pass legislation to create two programs:
1. Group of people that believe in socialism and that the government is the answer to problems.
2. Group of people that believe in limited government. This would include defense and basic infrastructure. And that's about it.

Group 1 would be all the McCain and Obama supporters that have a love affair with big government and letting gov't solve all problems because we are helpless. Group 2 would be the 5% who's left (including me).

Let the government tax #1 at 90% or whatever they want to provide the plethora of banking, health, auto manufacturing, automated toilets, and other services that the socialists want.

Let the government tax #2 at 10% or whatever it takes to defend the country. This group would pay for their own education, health care, road usage, park usage, etc.

Of course, this wouldn't work - most people would opt for group 1, and gov't waste, corruption, and inefficiency would kill the economy forever. But at least I wouldn't feel like I was getting screwed on a daily basis.


National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

It's that time of year again, when lots of creativity flows around support for National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Always glad to support one of our top charities (wow, imagine that, private funds going to fight disease, go figure).