Quote of the day

I had been looking forward to the UW-ND game for the past year. I always tune in to root against the Irish, and the chance to root against them in person just made me drool.

My bubble was burst not even halfway through the first quarter as the Huskies found themselves down 14-0 and things looked worse than that. They mustered 38 yards of offense in the first half (my friend won the bet... I put the over/under line at 40 yards and he wisely took the under). Early in the fourth quarter, the UW offensive Juggernaught had musterd 20 yards rushing and 21 yards passing. To which the dude behind me says...

"At least they have a balanced offense."

Maybe you had to be there, or perhaps have several cocktails working their way through your bloodstream, but damn it was funny.

Oh well, I got to make fun of Charlie Weis from the cheap seats.

My best line of the day to a Seattle native (who had just told me "they're not married, they're cousins"): "I know they're cousins, but they're from Indiana, which means they COULD be married."

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