Some pics from Garrett's birthday week

We celebrated Garrett's birthday on Wednesday, followed by a small, short "party" (if you could call it that) on Saturday. My kind of celebrating. Some pics from the week:

With the economy the way it is, we opted for some hostess donuts instead of a cake. Boo ya!

Bakugan is king for both Garrett and Spencer.

The cookies are gone. I didn't even get one.

Garrett got a couple soccer nets, which we instantly coverted into more manly hockey nets.

And then the gloves were dropped.

All I can say, G-Dog, is get used to it.

Amy created a Batcave for the party. Although it was my idea.


Happy Birthday Garrett!

Looking forward to a batman-themed day for Garrett's 4th birthday.


Spencer gets his red stripe belt

Spencer moved two steps away from a black belt tonight, getting his red stripe belt. Amy and I are really slacking in capturing the moment - no video, no good pics of him breaking a board. Definitely proud of Spencer's hard work and focus though.


Stupid post of the day

You can find anything on the web. Even this time-based map of Walmart openings across the country.


Happy New Year!

A little belated, but at least I am still wishing everyone a Happy New Year on New Year's Day.

Had a good week this week - did my first snowshoeing with the family up in Snoqualmie Pass on Tuesday, and we hosted a New Year's Eve party last night with the usual suspects (our neighbors). Both were good times, and it was great to have our neighbors in Germany visit and spend the night with us last night.

The obligatory pics.

Just don't ask about this. Scary enough, this was one of the more sane moments of the evening...