What a pathetic performance

Going into yesterday's Lions' game, I actually thought the Lions had a good chance at shutting down the Colts' offense. After all, it was Thanksgiving, and the Lions usually rise up and play a great game while the whole country is watching. Couple that with Dick Jauron, a supposed defensive mastermind, and I would have bet a less than stellar offensive performance from the Colts.

Oh well, it's the Lions =)


Reverend0 said...

I really don't think you can blame the defense on this one. You have a tremendous amount of talent facing them and they are good but not great. But on defense I am very dissatisfied that they did not get a sack against an offensive line that is missing 3 of the 5 starters. That is crazy. The Lions are offensively impotent. You cannot expect a defense to play 60%+ of the game and do well. Now make them do that for 12 games and you have a tired bunch of guys.

The plus size is that Kevin Jones is shaping up but only in the first quarter. I think we need to get that run game churning and give the defense a rest.

James V Reagan said...

Not dissappointed in the defense (although the line did not pressure Manning at all and Bly got schooled a couple of times) as much I am the defensive game plan. Jauron had the team playing VERY passive, very read and react, and did not attack or try to take a particular aspect of the game away from the Colts.

And the offense did it's job too, at least in the first half. They controlled the ball, and chewed up yards. Some suspect play calling (why not run the ball on 2nd and goal at the 2 when Jones is running well???) did the Lions in.

I don't think the Lions would have won, but to make it respectable would have been nice.

Halftime was funny: United Way aired a commercial of Joey Harrington, and the fans booed him like crazy.

Reverend0 said...


I agree with the assessment. I really think instead of replacing Joey, they need to replace the o. coordinator. Unless it is Mooch. They need better playcalling.