Family Christmas pictures

Spencer, Amy, and I got our pictures taken last night. Given that we're a week from Christmas, we dressed up in, you guessed it... Purdue gear. Actually, Spencer having a Purdue football was probably the only reason he sat still and smiled. Certainly this year was MUCH better than last year!

And let me jump on my soapbox for a minute. Once again, it is so clear that this economy is the worse one we have ever had, blah, blah, blah. I mean, nobody has a job, that's why they all head to the mall and hang out until 9pm every night. And get this, all those people without jobs just love to get in these long lines at the checkout counter and apparently "pretend" to buy things. Obviously they really aren't buying anything because our fine unbiased, intelligent media keeps telling me how bad life is, nobody has any money, jada, jada, jada.

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