Already been a year in the Pacific Northwest

Hard to believe, but just occurred to me that over a year has past since our family set foot in Seattle. I'm amazed at all the changes and things we've done over the past year, and I'm also amazed at all the things we didn't do over the past year.

We could not be happier with Snoqualmie Ridge and the community. Great neighbors with similar values, great proximity to state parks and mountains for hiking and skiing, close to Seattle. Downside is that the area, already huge (check it out on Google Earth), will be four times as big when its all said and done. That's scary. Already traffic to the Interstate is pretty heavy at rush hour.

My work at Amazon has been interesting. Took over a product in trouble, righted the ship, and working on getting a new version out the door. Getting this version out has had its problems, but looking forward to finally getting it out to market in the next six weeks or so. I'll be changing jobs in Amazon in about the same time frame - I am excited about this new opportunity. More on that later.

Kinda surprised we haven't been to BC, Oregon, or Idaho yet. For that matter haven't even been east of Snoqualmie Pass. Would like to start doing some more travel and see the area. We're going to Hawaii in November, but that doesn't count. We've done a good job exploring the local area (parks, trails, mountains) and that's been a lot of fun for all of us.

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