Seattle Museum of Flight

Spencer has been asking to go to Seattle for the past week. Today Amy and I decided to try something different - the Seattle Museum of Flight. We weren't sure what was in store for us, we hadn't been there, and we hadn't heard anything about it.

Located right on Boeing Field, the Museum of Flight is a "small" (not tiny) Museum that does a good job on the history of flight and airplanes, not just Boeing :) And they have an impressive array of interactions, which the kids love. Multiple similators, interactive teaching tools about drag/thrust/lift/gravity and yaw/roll/pitch, and various cockpits to sit in made for a fun day for the kids. And, the actual

They also have a live area outside where you can tour actual plans; today they had Air Force One and the Concorde; alas, it was raining by the time we finished the museum, so we took a rain check, literally, and will be back soon to check those out.

We bought a membership, and we plan on taking the kids back quite often. Unlike the Pacific Science Center and Chidren's Museum at Seattle Center, the Museum of Flight was not busy on a weekend, which suits me just fine.

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