Seattle is Indian for WTFLand

First, quickly read this article. Now, let me get this straight - this article is newsworthy enough to print. That is, the Seattle P-I believes this story is on the up and up, and believes that the Seattle community should be on the lookout for two suspicious individuals taking a keen interest in the Washington State Ferry boats. However, the Seattle P-I doesn't beleive that photos would be helpful to identify said passengers??? Can I get a 'WTF'?

Never fear, however, as Northwest Cable News has no problems publishing said pictures. Not surprising NWCN broke the story 12 hours before the Seattle P-I.

Of course, on the next terrorist incident to hit Americans (like anyone else fighting to take tools aware from our intelligence and law enforcement agencies), the P-I will be the first to whine "why weren't we able to stop this?"

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