Ooh, how brave, admitting "mistakes" when you get caught

Man if there is something that pisses me off its weasels they get caught in affairs, drugs, associating with criminals, etc. that think they are so damn brave and strong because they get in front of a microphone and admit they've made mistakes... AFTER THEY'VE BEEN CAUGHT! No fvcking shit you made a mistake! You were CAUGHT. The mistake was that you didn't cover your trail.

And let's be clear: these are not mistakes, these are choices. When I misplace my keys or sunglasses, that's a mistake. When I give my wife an iRobot thinking I am thinking of her needs by having her do less house-cleaning, that's a mistake (and insensitive, and lazy, and...). Having an affair or letting a terrorist fund your election campaign are conscious decisions.

Humans make mistakes. They also make conscious decisions. And what these politicians, atheletes, etc make are conscious decisions. I'm so sick of hearing people have sympathy for those that make conscious decisions.

And are our moral standards so low in this country that these people that make, ahem, "mistakes", are still idolized? The older I get, the more I realize its not that hard to "be good." Yes, when we're young and stupid, we're young and stupid and make a lot of bad choices. But when we're old and stupid, we may make a lot of mistakes, but the bad choices should be zero.

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