Scratching my head for gift ideas

Wow I just love this time of year. Anniversary in late July, wife's birthday in mid-August. Within a month I have to come up with (or at least try to come up with) at least two decent gift ideas. I'm pretty sure that is also what will be waiting for me in the third level of hell. With any luck Congress will investigate this kind of tortune and do something about it.

I have yet to see a web site out there that has anything even close to a good gift suggestion feature. I mean, Amazon's is pretty bad - leaves me thinking "WTF... even I can do better than that."

I've never resorted to a gift card, but man that is awfully tempting this year.


CDP said...

C'mon, Reagan. Pony up and bring her back for a football game this fall. That would be a good enough gift to cover BOTH the b-day and the anni.

Boiler Up! Amy said...

bNow that, cdp, would be the perfect idea! Whoever said I was difficult to buy for?!? He did do a good job on the anny gift though! =)

Katy said...

Gee, I was just thinking jewelry. Silly me!

But, I would agree that a trip back would be fun..for all of us!

James V Reagan said...

I did jewelry for the anniversary. Too much stress for me to go through that again.