Ship It

While I shake my head at many of the tenets of Microsoft culture (I will write a book one day, really), one element I really like is the "Ship It" stamps and plaque. For every major release of a product, Microsoft distributes a small ~2"x1" stamp to the people that were part of the release. I like it because it rewards delivery and emphasizes that in the end it's about getting things out to customers as opposed to who can come up with the prettiest PowerPoint presentation (apparently those people get promoted).

This past week I earned my first Xbox Ship It badge, and earned some rest I hope. This is a huge time in Xbox history, not just because of Kinect but with the launch of the Family Plan for Xbox Live, ESPN, Zune, etc. Much of it (Family and Zune Pass subscriptions) flow through the subscription platform I just upgraded. Was fun upgrading my personal account to Family Plan, adding my kids to it, and have it "just work."

Glad to be a part of it. Now what's next?


Reverend0 said...

So here is a question... if my wife has a zune and live account and so do I, when we combine them do our previously purchased licenses to TV shows and music still continue to work? That is my big concern on combining it all at this point.

James V Reagan said...

Zune media purchases are through your LIVE account, they transfer with you (licenses are per user not per sub... in fact you don't need Gold to purchase Zune content). Music purchases are under Zune Pass, which is not affected by the Family plan - you will still need separate Zune Passes and you pay for those separately.