Catching up on a busy couple of weeks

Seems like we have a few things to blog about...

The Seattle Mariners hosted a Little League Day at Safeco Field back on June 4th, where kids and their parents had a parade around the field. Spencer really enjoyed it. I stayed in the stands with Garrett. It was also our first game where they closed the roof.

Speaking of Little League, Spencer's last game was a couple weeks ago. He had fun this season, and he really got the hang of teamwork and teammates in the end. While he certainly isn't the next Shoeless Joe Jackson, we were proud of the way he eventually waited in the dugout area while his team batted rather than horsing around with the other kids. Unfortunately, it seems a lot of parents focus more on their kids' skills than their teamwork and discipline. Spencer is already looking forward to baseball... but he has two more years of T-Ball before that :)

I got to participate in my first "Take-your-kids-to-work" Day a week ago, as Spencer is now 5 and eligible. Spencer was really looking forward to it, as was I, and Amazon set up a number of activities in their main building. Was very glad they went through the effort, but I also sensed the message was pretty clear - get the kids out of the offices and into a quarantined area. I took Spencer to my office anyway and let him ask questions, play around (he thought our white board walls were cool), and when his patience wore thin we headed off to the activities. We had a nice lunch, and unfortunately I had a big meeting so I had to have Amy pick him up. I would have liked to kept him longer, but we had a good time nonetheless. When asked what his favorite part was, Spencer said "going to work with dad!"

Finally, yesterday we undertook an ambitious hike (for us)... tackling Little Si (sorry, no good sites about Little Si, you'll have to Google it). Named for being a little mountain next to its big brother, Mount Si, it's a 5 mile round trip hike with an elevation change of 1500 feet. Spencer was able to hike both up and down. We had a nice lunch at the summit, I found a cache, and the views were absolutely amazing. Unfortunately, we forgot our camera :(

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