A hike up Rattlesnake Mountain

At least part of the way. And Rattlesnake Mountain is more of a ridge than a mountain. Nonetheless, we spent the morning hiking a couple miles up Rattlesnake Mountain, stopping at the first lookout point. Not sure how high up it was, but the views of the valley were amazing. I really like this hike, and someday without the kids Amy and I will have to try the entire 11 mile trail.

By the way, I've decided to put my hikes on a separate blog, as I've noticed people are finding these posts through Google and might want some info on other hikes in the Snoqualmie Valley/Pass. You can view them at Hiking Snoqualmie.

The boys on the trail on the way up.

Looking north from the lookout. Mount Si would be just to the right; North Bend is due east of this point, and that's Snoqualmie in down below.

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Bren said...

Glad you guys have areas you are able to get out and about and explore. So different from the Midwest. I am hoping to take advantage of some of those same things in Tennessee.