A new washer and dryer

Yeah, I know, not the most exciting blog post in the world, but after our washer died on Saturday we made haste and picked up a Whirlpool Duet HT washer/dryer pair and had them installed yesterday. Pedestals are taller than the old ones we had in Michigan City, they are much quieter than our old smaller, Kenmore front-loaders (built by GE I believe), and much larger capacity. The old ones rattled the house on spin cycle, the Duets don't.

It was weird buying a house with very nice kitchen appliances (everything is stainless steel or satina finished in the kitched) but laundry appliances very "economic." Now we've corrected that. Hopefully they last us 20 years!

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Jay Heuer said...

Say thanks to Farhad for the no-shake-the-house algorithm :-D