Well said, Jason Whitlock

Jason Whitlock's view on the Imus situation. While much of this sounds like sour grapes and pot shots at Imus, Whitlock's core message is spot on - why aren't people outraged when radio is used to glorify violence and disrespect toward black women? A little consistency, people, is all I ask.

While I'm at it, Michael Savage is wrong. He states that the Imus firing is, in essense, a war on free speech and that free speech is at risk. Once again, we have someone misunderstaning our First Amendment and what free speech (and freedom) is all about.

The Imus situation is exactly what it right about America. Got it? Freedom. Freedom for Imus to make a comment and not be persecuted or punished by the government for what he said. Freedom for Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton to express feigned or legitimate outrage. Freedom for the Rutgers basketball players to cry foul and claim their lives are ruined. Freedom for CBS and MSNBC to pull the plug on Imus. Freedom for me to say who the hell is Don Imus and why should I care? This is exactly what freedom is about. Freedom to make choices, without government interference. Whatever your position is on Imus, Sharpton, or the players, one thing is for certain... the system works. Freedom of speech is alive and well. Until the government decides to ban the term "hos."

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