I'm still angry

One of the reasons I've been posting less frequently the last three months is the downright raw anger I've had at our federal and local governments. Across they board they have just pissed me off to no end. Between local idiots putting stupid taxing measures on the ballot that everyone knows will fail, to our wonderful public servants in Washington ignoring calls of "drill here, drill now" and "say no to bailouts," I'm just downright pissed.

The bailout was the straw that broke the camel's back for me and the Republican party. My assumption for several years was that we were sliding down a slope but somewhere the GOP would course correct and find its way back to Reagan conservatism. I couldn't have been more wrong, and the broad support from the party on the bailout is pure evidence of that.

I sat on election night about 9pm local time when the call was finally made for Obama, and I just thought "wow, you retards just lost everything that Reagan built through the 80s. Rewind to 1976." For the last eight years the GOP has been anything but conservative, in a country that is still, as a whole, right of center. And in doing so, completely destroyed the gift-wrapped legacy and public support left by Reagan and even the 90s Republicans that initiated the Contract with America in 94.

It would be very easy for me to fire shots at those that voted for Obama asking "what the hell are you thinking? (or rather, 'why aren't you thinking?')" But I can't - the GOP gave them no choice. Why would one vote GOP these days? If you want to vote for fiscal irresponsibility, against personal responsibility, etc, the Dems have them beat hands down.

By the way, I have news for the old GOP guard: Sarah Palin is going to kick ass in 2012. And she's not going to play the game you want it to be played. You better wise up to that or even more of you are going to be out of jobs as constituents flock to her. McCain totally blew it with the best asset he had - turning Palin loose. Instead, he asked her to play ball according to his rules. Idiot. Not that I wanted McCain to win, but this typifies the arrogance of the modern GOP - they are way out of touch with the base, which is why their base is dwindling.


mt si dad said...

From your lips to God's ears.

I am appalled and disgusted as the pussy-footing of the Republican Party and the enormous corruption it permits.

I hope Sarah Palin kicks Ted Stevens and Don Young out of office & gets honest replacements for them.

I hope the House and Senate caucuses demand the resignations of their weak leaders and get some people who are not afraid to be conservatives.

Reagan was the "Happy Warrior." What we have now are the Me-to Mamas -- we're act just like the Democrats, but like thinking we're Republicans.

Meh. Some people will never like conservative policy, but if you're so thin-skinned that you can't handle that, then step out of the way.

Sheila (Charm School Reject) said...

"wow, you retards just lost everything that Reagan built through the 80s. Rewind to 1976."

Best. Line. EVER!!