Thanks for the buzzkill, Lions

Man, was that a disappointing day two of the draft for the Lions. Last night I was pleasantly surprised to see a) the Lions didn't waste picks on positions they already have filled (RB, WR, MLB), b) they went after a franchise QB with the #1 pick, and c) they went after a big time TE in the first round. Very happy with day 1, and getting a big corner in the second round was icing on the cake.

So I get home after a long day, only to find that the Lions decided to piss away some picks on a) a third down running back and b) a WR who's only hope to see the field is as KR/PR. Dammit, this team was 0-16, which damn near by definition means they have lots of STARTING positions to fill. Especially since Millen and Marinelli ran off players like Rogers and Bly. Out of the ten picks, three of them wasted on non-incremental add players. Serves me right for looking for a new Lions jersey online last night. Total buzzkill. Thanks Mayhew. I was totally in your court until today. Please tell me you have some killer free agent signings up your sleeve.

And speaking of the draft, I was shocked to see Curtis Painter get drafted by the Colts. Their scouts couldn't have seen captain choke in any big games. Good for Purdue, hopefully that continues to bode well for their QB recruiting.

Back to the Lions, I am looking forward to seeing if Stafford develops into a Pro Bowler in the next few years. Nice thing about 0-16, you can be a little patient to rebuild. There's no down side.


Unknown said...

It doesn't hurt that we have opposite view points on most of the draft. But I did have one question, who is our starting MLB? Peterson is a sambacker and Sims is the willbacker. Paris Lenon? he did have 121 tackles. Of course that was 10 yards down field every down.

Unknown said...

I thought I read during the offseason that they were moving Sims to MLB, which I thought was a good move. Maybe I dreamt it. In which case now I'm pissed that they drafted two OLBs :)

Unknown said...

Last I had read, they asked Levy if he wanted to try out on the inside. Might work. Worried though that he a traditional style Lions tackler. Tries to run people over instead of wrapping them up. Just what I have read.