Try some logical thought, people

To be clear at the onset, I am against almost all forms of taxpayer $ going to private companies. Can't think of a reason off the top of my head why taxpayers should be investing tax dollars in private companies.

Apparently Microsoft is the beneficiary of some so-called stimulus funds, coupled with other local taxpayer funds, to build a bridge to span 520 and create another connection between the two campuses on the south side of its complex. And this has many up in arms.

Set aside the fact that Microsoft is not getting this money in the first place, the local government is. Assume Microsoft was the beneficiary of funds? How is that possibly worse than giving funds to AIG, misc banks, GM/Chrysler, etc?

What do you think has a better chance of creating jobs? Money to a company like AIG that destroys value, or money to a company like Microsoft that creates value?

Who do you think has a better chance of creating taxable income?

I've said all along the non-sensical part of the bailouts is that you are giving funds to companies that have proven they destroy value.

While I would rather our government not write checks it can't cash, if pissing away trillions of dollars is a foregone conclusion under this administration and Congress, it would at least be semi-heartening to know that the $ is going to well-run companies.

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