oh yeah, i forgot a rant...

... related to the Sounders game. My biggest turn-off to soccer is the utterly-frickin wussbags that writhe on the ground in fake agony when so much as the wild blows a little too hard. Makes it really hard for me to consider soccer a real sport watching that. I had to keep telling Spencer "he's faking it... yeah, he's faking it too... yep, you got it, he's faking it."

Fortunately nobody stood up and yelled "I hope he dies!" but I would have laughed at that just as I did 10 years ago against Notre Dame. Just sayin.


Katy said...

Good times, good times.

I'm so glad I wasn't there for that famous ND game. Because...I think I would have died!!

Anonymous said...

Just imagine me at a Notre Dame soccer match. :)