A quick trip to Mount Rainier

Quick of course is relative - for us its a two hour drive to Sunrise, the closest point for us in the Mount Rainier National Park. It sits 6400 feet up, about 40 minutes inside the park boundaries. It affords an up close and personal view of Mount Rainier, which almost doesn't seem fair that one can drive and get a better view than climbing one of the various peaks of the Cascades.

Weather was beautiful today, but hot. We didn't do much hiking, we will save that for a cooler day.

This is at a vista about 5 miles out from Sunrise.

You could see Mount Saint Helens today; you can always recognize it due to its flat top.

A close up of where a huge amount of snow has broken off. Making me rethink that I want to summit Rainier someday.


Mom said...

Hopefully, no one got sick!!!

Anonymous said...

Seems strange to hear you say it was too hot to hike while I look at that backdrop of snow. Keep posting. I enjoy reading about your escapades. Mary Kay