Powerline Networking

Working at home this past work reiterated my need to find an alternative portable networking solution for the home. Our cordless phones are 2.4GHz, which interferes with our Wifi network when the phones are in use. And given the amount of time I have to spend on the phone for work, and the amount of time Amy seems to need on the phone, a solution had to be found.

Belkin gave us a couple powerline ethernet adapters to play with as potential infrastruture in the Connected Home space. I finally dusted them off and put them to use. And I must say I'm impressed. They work out of the box (even come with 3 foot ethernet cables), and I haven't noticed a drop in bandwidth. Certainly not a bad alternative to wireless, although I would say they provide "portability" rather than "mobility." Not to mention I get the phone back.

Might even try running my XBox through them... a little tired of the lag when Amy gets on the phone =)

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