A little taste of home

One of the things missing out in Seattle is good food. On the positive side, Amy and I have eaten in far more than we ever have in our 10 years together which is a good thing. On the flip side, there are no "hey how about a great meal at xxx" restaurants that we get to treat ourselves to when we need a night out of the house. Worse yet, many crappy restaurants are extremely expensive. To be sure, there are some good seafood places, but outside that there is little to get excited about.

So we brought the good food to us last weekend, where we feasted on some Edwardo's Deep Dish Pizza shipped to us from Chicago. Mmmmm, good eatin'. Our neighbors are from Chicago, and we invited their family over. The kids got to eat frozen microwave pizza (although as you can see in the pic below Spencer and Jack pretty much played Buzz Lightyear and skipped eating) while the adults feasted on Edwardo's infamous Stuffed Spinach and traded stories about our days in Chi-town. Turns out our neighbor lived in the same building I lived in back in 93-94 when I first moved to Chicago. How freaky is that? So, Dad, what are the odds of THAT happening? =)

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