A new hobby, maybe

I am going to start trying Geocaching. I first heard about it a couple years ago in Indiana, but there was nothing nearby to "find" and I wasn't ambitious enough to start my own, so I let it go.

Washington, however, is a different story where people don't watch football (egads!) but rather spend a lot of time outdoors (which I think is against my religion). So, I looked up the site again, and voila! Lots of caches around Snoqualmie.

So, I took a look at Amazon and found what looked to be
a decently-featured GPS unit for under $100
. Received it yesterday, played with it outside (I'm sure some neighbors were curious what I was doing in the middle of the Greenspace staring at a small yellow box) and am psyched about giving this a try.

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Matt said...

James, let me know what you think. It sounds cool!! I like to hike and explore new areas...but this gives a purpose to it all!! :)