Our first cache

Went out this morning as a family for our first cache - a little out of the way piece of property in Snoqualmie. Took us a little while just to find the area, then took us a while once we were there. After some poking around, Amy finally spotted the cache, and Spencer thought the whole experience of "looking for treasure" was cool.

Found our second one a little later by wandering to the south side of I-90 in an area I didn't even know existed but offered beatuful views of the Cascades. This time it was just Spencer and I and we found it pretty easily. Anything that combines electronic gadgets and exercise can't be too bad in my book.

I was really impressed with how accurate my little GPS device was - both times the device put me within 10 feet of the actual cache. I did learn that the device can lose its signal with the satellites pretty easily, for example wandering close to trees.

All in all we had fun and I can see us really getting into this.

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