Getting away from civilization for a week

Going to take a week off and head back to the midwest and spend a week at my folks' place in Evart, Michigan. Hope to get some geocaching in, hope to get away from my email, hope to get some relaxation. Looking forward to seeing some family I haven't seen in well over a year (probably two years).

Not looking forward to the airport first thing in the morning, where I am sure I will observe the epitome of stupidity which is a sure sign that. Between the TSA's clueless screeners to travelers insisting on arguing with them, tomorrow morning will be interesting. Hopefully more people will check baggage meaning a smoother plane-boarding process.

Signs that America has peaked and is on a downswing:

  • the popularity of Friends (the TV show)
  • MySpace
  • The public's continued obsession with securing airplanes but not the Mexican or Canadian borders
  • cell phone usage by people in public
  • NYTimes (no, wait, they are simply a catalyst to the downswing)

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