Product Trial: Samsung SGH-t709

I was asked by T-Mobile to participate in a product trial for "an exciting new service from T-Mobile." After accepting, I received a Samsung SGH-t709 Wifi phone and a T-Mobile/DLink co-branded wireless access point. I already have a DLink access point (looks like the exact same model as what T-Mobile sent), so no need to open that box.

So, I transfer my SIM to the new phone, fire it up, it finds my wifi network, and I place calls. Very easy and seamless, as it should be.

The phone is slick - small, is a "slider phone" which slides opens to expose the keypad, and the interface is very intuitive. Navigation buttons are easy to use. And, using my wife's LG phone, which felt like a cheap piece of plastic, this is very well crafted.

Wow, imagine this working out and my dumping my Vonage service. Cool.

Not sure what the exciting new service is, unless they are talking about Wifi (bor-ing).

Pretty soon will see if the switching between Wifi and cell network really works.

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