How does woot.com get to bypass MAP?

Online retailers are not allowed to advertise any price below the "minimum advertised price" set by distributors. So, I checked out today's woot, and as custom headed over to Amazon to see what it was priced there, and I got the "Too low to display" message (which indicates that the price falls below MAP and must be added to your cart and displayed in your cart).

So, why does Woot get to bypass this? Or are they just unaware of MAP? Or do distributors set different MAPS with different customers? Or is it a case of different distributors? My understanding was that the manufacturers recommend the MAP to have consistency across distributors.

Just curious...

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The Wizard said...

MAP is just an anti consumer scam. "legalized" price fixing.

Though you notice the CD Settlement where the record companies aggreed to settle a law suit over MAP for millions of dollars.

You also notice in a lot of price fixing cases the companies are prohibited from engaging in MAP for quite some years.

You should boycott any products that are sold with MAP pricing.

How corrupt is it to sell a product and not be able to tell your customers how much you charge!