Removing the subjectiveness from hits out of bounds

This is an idea I've had for a long time, and will take away the subjectiveness of late hits out of bounds in football. And it's easy:

1. You're in the white area, you're fair game.
2. You're past the white area and you get touched, 15 yards.

Any questions? Very simple, very objective. Ball carriers know that they are fair game in the white area. Tacklers know exactly where they will get flagged.

In essense the white area becomes the buffer zone, instead of the grey area it is today.

It's football, people. Players are going to get hit.

And stop protecting the quarterback. He's a player like anyone else. Either get tougher players, have more blockers, or run the ball more.

Within 10 years the NFL will have the QB wearing flags...

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