Time for more pictures

I posted pictures of our hike across Rattlesnake Mountain, so I won't repeat them here. But some updates...

Last Saturday we had a really interesting fog in the valley. As you can see, clear day, except for the very low fog in the Valley. The picture is taken from Snoqualmie Ridge as we descend down the Parkway into the Valley. Very cool, and the first time I can remember seeing mountain tops but not the bases!

We had a visitor in our backyard a couple weekends ago. I thought we left our deer troubles behind in the midwest!

Amy posing at Grand Prospect.

Amy took Spencer to a Lego event where Spencer got to participate in helping make a Lego exhibit. And of course he came home with a new box of legos.

Spencer at Remlinger Farms on "the boat."

On the tractors at Remlinger Farms.

Garrett in a couple of pumpkin patches.

Nice picture of me and Spencer... me refereeing, and Spencer taking a corner kick.

On the boat ride at Remlinger Farms.

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Mary Kay Eschenburg said...

Just love it when you post pictures. What another beautiful part of the US. We encountered a similar fog a few weeks ago in the Allegheny Mts on our way back to Michigan from Virginia. Thanks for sharing your family.