Day Four

We awaken on Monday with still no power, but we did learn yesterday that our water heater has no electrical component, just gas and mechanical, so we have hot water for as long as we have gas. Felt good to get a hot shower in our own bathroom!

Yesterday we spent some time driving around the area seeing who had power and where there was damagae, and wow, did Snoqualmie Valley get hit hard. I've never had to drive under power lines that were supporting trees before, and had to a few times yesterday. I think Amy was freaking out when one powerline was no further than two feet from her side of the car.

All in all we are doing well. Aside from throwing some food out, things aren't all bad. The cold weather is keeping milk cold outside, enough areas have power so we can get gas, batteries, food, etc, so really all we are missing is TV. And missing the Lions game yesterday actually seems like a blessing rather than a loss.

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Mom said...

You are right about the Lions!