Still no power

If you'd listen to the radio around here, you'd think this was the early 80s and we just suffered a full nuclear assault from the Soviets, and are experiencing "The Day After." So many references to the poor, suffering people of this area, and so much advise on how to deal with this tragedy.

Sheesh, people, there's no electricity in some parts of the area. That's it. Deal with it.

I will say, I am amazed by some of the callers, especially the one that suggested that the utility companies should have done their analysis and known exactly what was going to happen. I'm sure that caller is right... there are supercomputers out there that can tell you exactly which trees are going to fall on which power lines, and which transmission towers were going to topple in the mountains.

At least I haven't heard anyone blame this on Bush yet, although the weekend is still young.

Thankfully, Amazon has power and showers... family went down to the locker room today and enjoyed some refreshing hot water. Now off to some downtown Seattle dining, and over to the Seattle Center. Oh, the suffering my family has.

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