Need some fantasy football help

Ok, I made it to the championship game as a #4 seed, blowing out the #1 team 93-28. Now I face a team with LaDanian Tomlinson and Chicago as a defense. Ouch, I'm really up a river.

I will start Frank Gore at running back, but for my other starting I have Rudi Johnson, Willie McGahee, and Corey Dillon. I really don't want to rest my chances with Dillon so that leaves Johnson (at Denver) and McGahee (hosting Tennessee). My gut tells me McGahee.

My WRs suck: Larry Fitzgerald, Chris Henry, Heinz Ward, Terry Glenn, and Javon Walker. Walker is a starter, and I will start Glenn. I can't see starting Fitzgerald, so down to Henry vs. Ward. Both can put up big numbers in a game, but rarely do. I need to flip a coin on this one.

Something tells me I should consider starting Henry and Johnson, resting my chances on the Bengals putting up points in Denver.

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