The Detroit Lions draft

Yeah, ok, so I've a few weeks behind on this. But today is "garage sale day" in Snoqualmie Ridge, so I'm going to use the time to catch up on frivolous blog posts while I wait outside for hours with nobody interested in our junk.

So about them Lions. Ok, Calvin Johnson was an interesting pick. He's as close to a can't miss player as you could get in this year's draft, so that's a plus. On the downside, is WR somewhere the Lions should have been focusing on? I have a hard time believing a team like Seattle or New Orleans or Denver wouldn't have been interested in giving up some picks for Johnson to get them over the hump. And the Lions have more pressing needs - I would have liked to see them pick up either Gaines Adams or Joe Thomas.

But, it is what it is, and the Lions will have two strong WRs in Williams and Johnson, and solid supporting in Furrey, Robinson, and Bradford (is he back?).

The rest of the draft I liked - lots of picks, lots of defense and a little help on the OL. Only pick I didn't like was Smoker. So, basically I didn't like our top two picks, but overall a decent draft.


Reverend0 said...

You mean Stanton right?

Bren said...

Smoker's been playing well down here in Nashville for the Kats. Maybe he will end up being a Kurt Warner! (I was wondering where he ended up).

James V Reagan said...

Yes, I meant Stanton. He may be the next Orlovsky so maybe I should cut him some slack :)

James Q Reagan said...

That means he will be gone in a couple years. So a wasted pick.