Two years in Seattle

My how time flies. Two years ago Garrett couldn't even crawl. And I had never heard the phrase "no worries" let alone work it into my lexicon. And Purdue had a decent football team and a crappy basketball team. And I thought for sure Millen would have been fired instead of given a five year contract extension.

But I digress. The family has been in Seattle for two years. What have I learned? What's changed?

  • We have the best neighbors, bar none. Just amazing what the families around us do to build a sense of community. I wish more Americas would take on that spirit and quit looking for the government to replace the familial and communal units.

  • We do love living in Snoqualmie Ridge. Partially because of the neighbors, but just as much as its away from the city just far enough to feel country, but close enough that we're not more than 15 minutes from a Lowe's or Costco.

  • Taxes, taxes, taxes. Sheesh, I thought I was taking a step up with no state income tax. 8.9% sales tax anyone? And going up every year. And don't get me started on my property taxes.

  • Things are a little slower out in the Pacific Northwest. Not sure why, but this town certainly isn't in a hurry to get anywhere or do anything. That's mostly good, except when I'm on the freeway...

  • Sports anyone? Wow, is this place dead when it comes to sports. I'm a little surprised they can field a football or baseball team with the lack of discussion, enthusiam, interest, or knowledge around pro or college sports. On the flip side, everyone skis, hikes, boats, and bikes. Different view of sports, I guess.

  • It is hard being so far away from family that a car trip on short notice isn't possible. Shoot, a plane trip on short notice isn't possible either. Good thing we have the Internet.

  • Spencer has turned into a little boy in front of our eyes. Almost done with his first year of school, participating in Tae Kwon Do, TBall, and Soccer, and starting to do things independently in public and being very responsible.

  • Garrett is just crazy. In a good way.

  • My professional network in Seattle is stronger than it ever was in Chicago, simply because there is so much software development and products in this town. Good career move for me.

  • We love the mountains - the views and the hikes and the tubing and the skiing.

  • We miss Purdue football. That's one thing Amy and I talk about during the fall, we really miss the tailgating with friends. That was the essense of who we are and what we enjoyed.

  • Snow sucks around here. Not because of the snow, but because people around here aren't used to it.

We've found a nice home here in the Pacific Northwest. Interesting to see what the next year brings.

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