Back from Lake Chelan

Aside from Amy coming down with the flu all day Monday, we had a terrific time at Lake Chelan and would highly recommend the area to anyone looking to spend some relaxing time near water.

On Saturday we took US 2 via Monroe and stayed the night in Leavenworth. I slept through the best part, Stevens Pass, so I can't tell you much about it. Saturday evening Amy went shopping in Leavenworth and left me with the boys. Good for her, because she got to do some shopping, and good for me, because I didn't.

After a good breakfast and some walking around town Sunday morning, we made our way to Lake Chelan and were there by noon. We picked up a couple caches along the way and stopped by a cool market to pick up some fresh fruit. Our first stop in Chelan was the state park, where the kids had fun on the playground. We grabbed a quick lunch across the street from the park (amazingly, I had a burger that was not overdone, not tough, and not dry), and decided to drive around the area and check it out. That put Garrett asleep for his nap, and after an hour of driving we quickly realized there's nothing to do in the area except the Lake :)

When Garrett woke up, we went to a park in town, and again let them play on a playground. My arms are still sore from pushing Garrett in the swings. After that it was a walk around town, and finally we got the call that our room was ready. We grabbed dinner at the "resort" we stayed at, and went down to the beach for the rest of the night.

Monday, Amy was sick all day with the flu. We took a drive up Chelan Butte (elevation 3800 feet) for some great views of the Lake and the Columbia River, but spent most of the day resting and down at the beach.

By Tuesday Amy was feeling better, and Spencer and I did some kayaking while Amy and Garrett played at the beach. After that, I rented a jet ski and spent an hour see how far down Lake Chelan I could get. Pretty damn far as I found out the PWC I rented could do 55+ MPH. Way cool.

We grabbed lunch from the resort restaurant and picnicked at one of the local picnic tables, and then I failed to get Garrett down for a nap while Spencer and Amy hung out at the beach. That wasted quite a bit of the afternoon for me (as I planned on joining Garrett for a nap and instead ended up watching PBS Kids for two hours). When Spencer got back he ended up crashing. For dinner, we grilled our own cheeseburgers, and after dinner, you guessed it, we were back down on the beach.

Before checking out on Wednesday Spencer and I did another kayaking run, this time quite a bit further than the first. And after checking out, I finally convinced Spencer to join me on a jet ski, and he loved it. After an hour on the lake, it was time to call it a day and head back home. We made good time on the way back, and I loved the drive down US 97 between Leavenworth and Cle Elum. Beautiful area this time of year, even in 95 heat.

Not sure when we will be back to Lake Chelan. Really enjoyed, but after that and the San Juan Islands, I think I'd like to sample other lakes, lakeshores, and islands rather than repeating the same destination. We'll see.

The view from our third story room at our resort. A westward view of the lake and the sunset.

Spencer and Garrett in a moment of countless hours at the beach.

The view from Chelan Butte.

Spencer on our first kayak venture.

Spencer and I on our second kayak adventure. Now everyone knows why I hate the zoom on our Canon.

Spencer and I taking off on our jet ski (the yellow one).

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