Making the world safe from unsightly yard waste containers

Gotta love the priorities certain people of authority have. Take the Snoqualmie Ridge Homeowner's (insert a Beavis and Butthead giggle here) Association. Working to make our community safe from the string of thefts and vandals in our community? Nope. Working to ensure our children have a safe environment to walk to school next year due to the larger "no bus" zone? Screw that. No folks, in Snoqualmie Ridge the biggest societal problem facing us is people who store their yard waste constainers in such a way that if someone walking or driving by pauses and looks reaaaaal close, they can still see the container. For shame.

Take the Reagans for example. Why, they just store their yard waste container on the side of their house. The nerve of these people! What if the children of the community see it? Or potential home shoppers? Agast.

Never fear, Ridge residents, for the Snoqualmie Ridge Homeowner's Association has taken swift action and drafted a stern letter Adolf Hitler himself would be proud of, and demanded that the Reagans comply with all Snoqualmie Ridge Homeowner Association policies, especially the Waste Container Storage Policy. We will ensure they comply first thing in the morning, or we will fine them. Serves them right for thinking they have freedoms, supporting our troops, voting Republican, and driving non-hybrid vehicles.

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