A day with Dad

Amy participated in our neighbor's "Crop for the Cure," a 24-hour scrapbooking crop to benefit one of the great charities out there, the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. That meant she was gone all day Saturday, leaving me with the boys on a cold, rainy day in Snoqualmie.

I took the opportunity to of course watch Purdue beat up on Iowa. After that, time to bond with the boys. Between legos, play-doh, video games, football, baseball, cars, making pizza, and some walking around parks, I barely had a chance to get my Saturday nap in. But I prevailed there nonetheless.

Alas we had a good time, I learned I have to keep a close eye on Garrett when I put a full tin of flour in front of him, and that we can have a good time out in the rainy discovering new parks in Snoqualmie.

(If I can get Blogger's photo upload working I will post some pics...)

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