I am most pleased

A most excellent road win for the Detroit Lions today. I caught them in HD on Directv, inviting our Chicago Bears fans neighbors over for some breakfast (yes we have to do breakfast for the early NFL games out here on the west coast) and football. The team stepped it up all the way around - offense, defense, special teams, pressure on the QB, solid DB coverage, excellent D against the run, established the running game, threw the ball downfield, etc. While Chicago is a shadow of their Super Bowl run last year, they are still a good team, and coming away with a win from Soldier (or "Soldier's" if you live in Chicago) is always tough. Kudos to Marinelli for building the team to this point. I have to believe this will instill an awful lot of confidence in the Lions and I believe Kitna's prediction of a 10 win season is highly likely at this point. Go Lions!

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