A cool feature from Google Mobile Maps

I use Google Mobile Maps quite a bit on my T-Mobile Wing. Mostly for traffic density checks, for which it is reasonably accurate. However, it always requires me to tell it where I am. And I have to do that by typing something in or dragging the map to where I want it. Which is a pain if you are driving... in fact I generally say the hell with it.

Yesterday Google announced a new feature called "My Location" where it gives a best guesstimate of where you are based on your cell location. This is cool. And it should be accurate enough for my primary purpose for using it (traffic).

I remember my Palm VII back in, oh, 2000-2001 had such a feature. I could browse the web and because it knew about where I was (it could guess the zip code accurately) it would show me relevant weather, news, and traffic data. So no reason this shouldn't work with Google. Looking forward to trying it tonight :)

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