A fun day hiking in the Cascades

Amy was out of town this weekend, so after a hearty Burger King breakfast at the boys' request we headed into the Cascades to find some areas we haven't been to yet. Spencer hadn't hiked up to the John Wayne Trail, so we went on a quick excursion there. The day was cloudy, damp, rainy at times, and fairly cold (about 40 degrees once you get up a ways). I tried to get some good pictures but the lack of light played havoc on me.

Later we took a forest road that we hadn't been on before and saw a couple new views and did some walking. And got the truck caked with mud. The kids love off roading :)

The gallery is here

Spencer under a rock formation we found. Looks like a good place for rock climbing, I will be back!

The boys found some rocks to rest on.

A view of the Cascades to the east, with the clouds down below and the snow line on the mountains.

Spencer at outpost number two.

Garrett enjoying the views.

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