Well no duh

I caught parts of the second half of the CNN Republican debate last night (I record Glenn Beck every night and CNN Headline News ran the debate instead of GB). I won't bore everyone with the details, but CNN had 24 "undecided Republican voters" in a back room watching the debate and they provided feedback throughout via real-time dials that would rate what they were hearing on a scale from 1-10. Anyway, one of the hosts at the end of the show picks someone "random" out of the 24 and asks the lady if she was any more decided now than she was before the show. Her response? "Nope, in fact I'm going to vote for John Edwards!" After laughing out loud and realizing "wow, CNN must think we're all idiots if they think they can round out a bunch of Dems and cast them as undecided Repubs", I stopped the show right there, deleted it, and grabbed myself a diet Dew.

So I think it's kind of funny this morning to read about all the planted people in yesterday's debate. Sheesh, people, ya think? A left-wing cable network partnering with a left-leaning corporation (Google) for a right-wing debate? How can this be news or surprising? Get over it people.

FWIW, I have no problem with leftists asking questions at the debate - that's how it should be. Shouldn't matter what your ideology is to ask questions of people looking to be our next President. However, for those that think that "now we have questions from the people - how cool!", remember there were 5000 questions submitted. How do you think they were decided from? Yep, the same people that would normally create their own set of questions.

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