I love NHL Center Ice

Ok, I'm hooked. Should have subscribed years ago. But, it's an expensive package ($149/yr) to just try out, and Directv never gave me a free trial, so I held out a while. Finally tried it this year, and I am so hooked. With the NHL expansion in the west it seems I can always get a late night game, and of course great to be able to record the Wings when they play.

I have two complaints about how NHL Center ICE manifests itself. First, because the games are also usually shown on one of the local Fox Sports Net packages, I don't have a way to tell Directv to "record all Wings games" because it tries to record the local channels - there's no way to filter by channel. Poor user experience design.

Second, they also don't give an indication on the NHL Center Ice channels which feed the game corresponds to. If I want to watch Red Wings at Nashville, I get two channels for the game. But it won't tell me which feed is the Detroit feed and which feed is the Nashville feed. So its a crap shoot on whether I get the Detroit feed or not.

And hockey in HD rocks. By far the best sports experience in HD. Very hard to watch hockey in regular definition anymore. I'm spoiled.

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