A most excellent Christmas

Christmas always spills over a few days after the 25th, and I basically include the 24th-27th as "Christmas." It takes a couple of days to try out new gadgets, put toys together, clean up, and basically get the house to feeling back to normal. The Christmas Tree went out this morning so I guess Christmas is officially over in the Reagan house.

This year Amy and I did not spend as much as we usually do, and the result was fewer presents to open all the way around. I think we both agreed this was a better way to go. We did our typical Christmas eve church service, but this year we added something fun that hopefully starts a new tradition here - we bought a Lego Christmas train (it was 50% off at the lego store in Bellevue), wrapped it, and put it under one of our smaller trees for the kids to open the day before Christmas. We put the train together that night, grabbed our existing Lego train track and built a layout around the tree, and let the train run around the living room. Very cool.

Normally Amy and I wrap the boys' gifts after the kids go to sleep, but Monday I took the boys out for a hike and lunch, and Amy stayed home and wrapped presents. Made the night much less tiring.

Spencer was more excited than usual this year. About 11pm Monday night I went to check on the boys to see if they were asleep, and sure enough Spencer was still awake. "Dad, I opened the window a little bit so that I could hear Santa!" Kids are funny... and smart.

The whole Santa thing clicked for Garrett this year. "Santa came! Santa came! Santa came!" in his typically cheering style.

Within an hour we were done. Amy made Monkey Bread for breakfast, and for dinner we enjoyed some most excellent prime rib from a butcher shop in Issaquah (Fischer's Meats). The meat was as good as our favorite place for prime rib ever, Hesston's back in Indiana.

I didn't take much time off work but did a little. Got to put together some Legos and Erector sets (I hate those now as much as I hated them when I was a kid) with the boys.

No pics to speak of, just an enjoyable time of year and looking forward to 2008.

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