Our 2007 Christmas Pictures

After a couple of postponements due to family illness, we were able to get to the studio on Saturday and get our Christmas pictures taken. Some really good ones turned out, and I scanned them in with our crappy scanner. Amy had the honor of donning our most prized and valuable material possession... our autographed Barry Sanders jersey. Man I wish the Lions hadn't changed from Honolulu Blue and Silver. Those were great colors.

Originals can be found at the gallery.

Can't wait until Brenda starts quizzing me on the Seahawks jersey.

This last one was fun... Garrett decided to start "getting" Spencer's face... Spencer is defending himself and Garrett is getting a kick out of everyone's reaction.


Danielle said...

Love the pics, James! Do I get one to put on our refrigerator at home? Merry Christmas! Love to Amy and the little guys!


James V Reagan said...

If Amy did her job right the USPS should be delivering your very own Reagan Family picture that you can put on your fridge or in your bathroom, whichever is more appropriate!